Crucial’s New Release Of M500

To see the complete performance potential of the M500, you’ll want the 480GB variant. The M500 240GB version has a much slower sequential write speed index, and its own arbitrary I/O rates are lower, at the same time. The 120GB speed is a bit slower, however, with only one NAND die for each of the eight channels of the controller. A 60GB version is bypassing.

There is absolutely no difference for the performance ratings attached to 960GB models and the 480, though. Additionally, note how the per- price goes up as the push ability drops. Somewhat surprisingly, the 960GB drive provides the top value of the group; it is the only person that dips close to 60 cents per gig. The values for the versions are nothing special.

I got myself 960GB version and I’m very happy with it. It has been running on my desktop for the past few months and so far I think it has been the best invention since the sliced bread.

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