Easy Cleaning Tips For Laminate Wood Floors To Make Them Shine Like New

Many people give the reason that it is easy to clean laminate floors as the main reason for going for laminate flooring. Though it is pretty easy to maintain, a few things can be done to maintain laminate floors well and keep it shining and clean in the long run. Get more tips and information about engineered wood flooring from http://www.wood2u.co.uk/.

Clean the floor regularly – Helps keep the floor clean and avoids need to use harsh cleaning product on the floor.

Use soft brush – Use soft brush and a dry mop as the hard stuff can damage the laminate surface.

Don’t let the spills sink in – Remove excess liquid with paper towel or dry cloth immediately.

Try water – Once in a while a quick clean with hot water helps.

Clean with vinegar

Clean stubborn stains with acetone or alcohol.

Remove sticky stains with ice – chewing gum and wax can be removed with ice.

Never use a polishing machine

Don’t use abrasive cleaners

Clean with baby shampoo